Mentorship Programs

We mentors corporate executives, government leaders, and celebrities as well as private individuals worldwide on a very selective basis due to the individualized programs we offer. Because of geographic limitations, some of the individual mentoring can be done on Skype or by telephone. On a very limited basis, with special travel and fee arrangements, the sessions are also available in person. The phone sessions are for approximately 1 1/2 hrs. The commitment is for either 10 phone sessions within 6 months, or 20 phone sessions within 12 months. They can be spaced according to mutual schedules. The sessions are not structured as conventional "therapy". Instead, they are didactic/experiential discourses to teach the theory and practice of The Empowerment Code™ in a relationship of mentor/student rather than doctor/patient. In addition to the mentoring sessions, we suggest listening to the educational CD set, The Mind Body Code: How the Mind Wounds and Heals the Body, as well as reading selected articles by Dr. Martinez and his colleagues published in professional journals. The fees below are for private individuals. The fees for corporate and government leaders are higher due to the organizational complexities involved.


In our applications of biocognitive principles to organizational science training programs, we argue that the implicit organizational cultures of businesses affect productivity and wellness more than any other factor. We train executives of global companies with our model of hybrid leadership that identifies cultural variables within an organization to address productivity and wellness as inseparable components of sustainable growth. We mentor Fortune 100 executives and world- leaders to maximize productivity and organizational wellness.


The Fees and Commitments:

Private Mentoring

Module of 10 Master Mentoring on Skype or phone sessions: $7,000 (US dollars)
Module of 20 Master Mentoring on Skype or phone sessions: $13,000 (US dollars)


Corporate Mentoring

Hybrid Leadership for Productivity and Wellness: $18,000 per diem plus travel expenses (minimum of two days – business class flights).

The total payment is made after agreeing on the suitability for the mentoring, and the number and type of sessions with determined dates.

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Brief Bio of our Founder

mmartinez3Dr. Mario Martinez is a licensed US clinical neuropsychologist who is the founder of The Biocognitive Science Institute™ and The Empowerment Code™. He is the best-selling author of the learning series CD The Mind Body Code: How the Mind Wounds and Heals the Body (Sounds True) and has published numerous articles in professional journals and books. He lectures world-wide on his research and theory of biocognition with its applications to organizational science. In biocognition, he offers a model of mind and body, inseparable from their cultural history, constantly pursuing contextual meaning to sustain wellness. Biocognition takes discoveries from the neuroscience of healthy brains and the psychoneuroimmunology of exalted emotions and translates them to practical applications in the areas of self-valuation, leadership, wellness, and longevity. He has researched centenarians in five continents and has identified the functional components of their longevity. His findings suggest that, rather than genetics, their healthy longevity is mostly due to their cultural beliefs. Additionally, Dr. Martinez proposes a new model of the immune system that, more than simply protecting us against pathogens, it is a bioinformational field that confirms the operative consciousness that we live. His model explains why the immune system does not reject food and medications (although they are “foreign bodies”), as well as why exalted emotions such as empathy, compassion, love, and dignity, enhance immune function (although these emotions are unrelated to fighting germs). Dr. Martinez is recognized as one of the world’s experts in cases of stigmata (people who develop Christ-like wounds that do not heal and do not get infected) and has investigated these highly rare cases for the Catholic Church, National Geographic, BBC, and Discovery. From his research with how the immune system responds to stigmata, he has developed mind-body code strategies to treat autoimmune illnesses, fibromyalgia, and a variety of stress-related disorders.

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